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When the signs are there, it feels awesome Signs!!!! The holidays are gone. And stressful they can be. Financially and mentally, yes they can drag you down. But getting together with loved ones helps balance things out. Lately, I have been dealing with a young adult in my home trying to go out into the world without enough resources, preparedness, or contacts.

Daylight Savings & Depression

Tonight is when we acknowledge daylight savings and turn our clocks back one hour. Tomorrow, many will feel refreshed after getting an extra hour of sleep. Eventually, our skies will turn dark as early as 4:00pm, in some areas. With this, many will experience feelings of depression. Psychologists report behaviors and emotions such as “Low

A Child’s Blessing

Children come into this world pure and innocent. It is what they are taught and exposed to that shapes their thoughts, behaviors and experiences. In the beginning, they are like sponges; ready to soak up everything presented before them. Then they develop their own preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of kids have to